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Grieving: The Journey to Healing



Josette R. Crumble is no stranger to grief. Losing her older sister, only daughter, oldest brother and nine other loved ones within a 12-month period prompted Josette to share a story with the world. In this book she reveals strategies that evolved from her personal healing journey.

Josette encourages those that have lost loved ones to establish boundaries acknowledge that it's okay to not be ok, and to not be afraid to "sit" in the emotion. She discusses the many faces of grief and shares a unique perspective on losing loved ones to COVID-19. Be inspired by her story of strength courage and wisdom as you explore the journey to healing.




"Some days you're ok and some days you're not. You don't need anyone's permission or approval to NOT BE OK. Really, it's OKAY to not be OK!"


"When you lose a loved one you experience something you never have before in your life...LIVING WITHOUT THEM!"


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